This week in OpenSim Dev – week ending 13th October 2012

Hello everybody.  This is a summary of the weeks of development in OpenSimulator.  Except where otherwise specified, the changes described here appear only in OpenSimulator’s cutting edge Git ‘master’ branch. Only changes that I think will be interesting to end users are listed.  Please do not attempt to use code taken directly from ‘master’ in any production environment.  Sometimes this in-development code may not work or may even cause data corruption. If you are not a developer or tester, please treat this summary instead as a preview of what will be coming up in the next release. The latest official release is OpenSimulator 0.7.4 (released on August 31st, 2012).

The letters and numbers in brackets after some entries tell you the latest git commit to which they apply.

This week in OpenSim ( 90a3937 – dc46057 ).

General news

  • None this week.

Features & bug fixes

  • Melanie Theilker from Avination added an optional [ServiceList] section to Robust.ini config.  This allows the various inbound connectors (e.g. connectors to the asset and inventory service) to be specified one per line rather than in one very long string in the ServiceConnectors parameter in the [Startup] section of Robust.ini.  See Robust.ini.example for more details.  The previous configuration method still works (f65218f).
  • Teravus added an ODE Physics plugin option av_av_collisions_off in the [ODEPhysicsSettings] of OpenSim.ini which allows one to turn off avatar to avatar collisions without disabling other collisions, such as between object and ground and avatar to object (7e90ea3).
  • I fixed a recent issue (which was in OpenSimulator 0.7.4) where improved multi-threaded teleport code meant that occasionally an avatar connection would be inactive after an avatar logout but still present in the connections list.  This prevented the same avatar from entering the region until the connection had been manually removed with the “kick user –force” region console command or the simulator restarted.  This commit improves locking on adding and removing clients which should make this problem go away (e76b01a).
  • I added a “delete object pos <start-coord> to <end-coord>” console command which allows all objects in a given volume to be deleted (b768c35).
  • Robert Adams of Intel continued to work on the BulletSim plugin, working on pushing, linksets and shapes (1f2472d).
  • I fixed the PacketPool for ImprovedTerseObjectUpdate UDP packets and blocks and added pooling of AgentUpdate packets.  These are a common type of simulator to viewer update packet and by reusing rather than always recreating these objects we should theoretically reduce memory churn, which in turn reduces GC invocations and leads to a smoother region experience.  However, the actual effect appears negligible.  Work will continue on reducing memory churn in other areas (8a40285).
  • TBG Renfold contributed a patch, which I later adjusted, to fix the DATA_SIM_POS option on the llRequestSimulatorData() LSL function to properly return information on regions that are not the same as the object’s region but are in the same grid.  Unfortunately, this regressio nwas in the OpenSimulator 0.7.4 release (330b976).


  • No news this week.

2 comments for “This week in OpenSim Dev – week ending 13th October 2012

  1. October 17, 2012 at 10:53 pm

    thanks everybody! OpenSim just keeps running more smoothly and benefiting from your dedication =)

  2. October 22, 2012 at 12:45 pm

    Justin thanks for the catch on the database error. Ive left some comments in the bug ticket for your review. Thanks for the help.

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